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Sculpted Character Metamorphosis

by | Dec 8, 2022 | 0 comments

This is a project that started with an image in my mind of a character based on years of influence from the entertainment industry. A character that was to be a villain in a film. If you look, it had influences from Hollywood in it, over sexualized and stylized female role.

From the start it was not saying what I wanted. It was promoting what I was fighting against. So as the personality of the character changed on paper (film script) so did the visual aspects of the character.

Here is the process of that “discovery” and metamorphosis of that character.

Sculpted Character Metamorphosis: Stand and Skeleton.

This skeleton was for a standing character, so the pipes needed to be longer than my Spelunker sculpture. I made a smaller ground base since I was not intending to cast or permanently keep this sculpture either.

And again, the reason for that, this was a sketch, not a permanent sculpture. A well made base for the “ground” was not required as it was not going to be molded.

Sculpted Character Metamorphosis: Blocking for Proportion and Pose

In the stage, the sculpture starts taking shape. Blocking the body parts using geometric form to work the proportions and posing.

Sculpted Character Metamorphosis: Working Details of Legs

Since the story includes spelunkers, she had to have tools and gear for such adventures.

Sculpted Character Metamorphosis: Full Body Sketch

There is no face or finished hands on this version as those were not really part of the sketching part. It was a discovery of design and not permanent. So no effort was put on those details. It was an exploration of proportion, pose, and design.

Sculpted Character Metamorphosis: Shredding the Hollywood Influence

On this phase the character started to shred the influence of Hollyoow visual “requirements” for entertainment films. The MFA was about to be over and I continued this process on the computer using the sculpting features of Blender. Here is visible that the oversexuallize features started (not done) to shred off. But there was still work to do and it took better form on the computer at the end. – Some day I will connect to that portfolio piece when I publish it.


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