Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.
Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.

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Office Chair Reproduction

by | Nov 6, 2020 | 0 comments

This Office Chair Reproduction is a modeling project that was real fun to do. The client wanted to be able to set the chair in multiple settings and scenarios. Instead of carrying around this chair and every version there is of it, it is easy to add the product(s) to any image in 3D form and change the characteristics accordingly with a few buttons in Blender, or any 3D software tool used.

Note: To see the rest of this page, with more images and videos, please use a desktop or laptop computer. This portfolio site is not meant to be seen on mobile devices. The rest of the site is available on mobile devices. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Office Chair Reproduction – Setup of Reference Images

Since the client had photos but no blueprints of the product, here I set up the photos as best as possible for orthographic view of front, side and top.The best part is that now days blender makes this step very easy.

For instance, in another work of mine (not posted yet, but soon and with link) where I make a jeep, I managed to set the blueprints transparent so that I can concentrate on the actual model. In this case with the chair, there is no need for transparency. And no need to cut the image to specific size. This model was not going to be up to spec for production.

Office Chair Reproduction – Setup of Mirror and Subdivision

Blender has a features that I love the most, called mirror modifier. It saves a lot of time when modeling. And coupled with the subdivision modifier makes it really easy to model high detail characteristics of objects while keeping the polygonal count, or topology low.

The benefit of that low topology is a fast process of modeling that allows for some level of experimentation. Because the computer is not heavily loaded with big quantity of polygons it can calculate your changes faster. Yet, you get a great preview of the final model.

Office Chair Reproduction – Heavy Topology Parts

The subdivision modifier cannot be used without applying it all the time and in many cases you have to apply it to be able to continue. These are examples of that process. The wheels needed more details so the subdivision had to be apply at this time.

But still, Blender handled the extra topology like a champ.

Office Chair Reproduction – The Armrests

The armrests were a fun part to create. I had to take creative freedom to the next level here. I had to experiment in certain areas like on the button of the raiser. There was no clear way to create that shape.

At the end, I feel very good with the end result and think I did not put more topology than needed.

Office Chair Reproduction – Bottom of the Seat

The photos were not particularly good at this stage and I had to invent some parts and research on the net for similar parts to come up with a compromise. For the purpose of this project that was ok because the bottom of the seat was not going to be rendered on the images they planned to use for marketing.

But this step would have been way better with blueprints.

Office Chair Reproduction – Test of Texture, Colors and Lights

Once I had texture and colors on the chair I needed to test the lights and renders. This is not final renders, but preview renders to verify settings and quality of work.

Usually, this is for you, the artist. Not to be shown to the client. It is a way to do quality control on the piece so you can continue to move forward, or fix what is not working.

Office Chair Reproduction – Testing Final Lights and Topology

These images, can be shown to the client if asked for them. The quality here is a bit better.

But again, this is part of the process to double check that the parts to whole are in proportion. That the shadows are well placed – by controlling the lights. And that textures are believable.

Office Chair Reproduction – Finishing Studio Setup to Render

This group of images is the last time to render previews with high quality to check topology, texture, light and placement of elements. Proportion of part to whole and believable placement on the ground.

All in all, I feel very pleased and the client was satisfied with the project. I delivered the Blender file, the STL and OBJ and an extra FBX in case they need to migrate to another 3D program.

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