Écorché Anatomical Sculpture

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The best way to learn about human anatomy is by using the process of studying musculature without the skin (écorché in French, or skinned in Spanish). This project was really an exercise to study and learn, to be able to make better sculptures for other projects. The old masters of the art, such as DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello and others made these studies in sketches and paintings, often before beginning the final work on their masterpieces.

An example of how I use this process is Jara’s original sketch in the film currently in production, titled “Traces, retraced” which you can see here.

Blocking shapes and forms.

Area of the skull, shapes and figures outlined.

Torso and spinal cord with ribs demarcated.

Pelvis and coccyx area.

Legs, knees and feet.

Blocking and forming the feet.

Blocking and forming arms and hands.

Chest, Upper back, and Abdominal Muscles.

More photos will be publish soon.


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