Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.
Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.

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Gerardo Vargas

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Conceptual City Environment

by | Nov 12, 2020 | 0 comments

This conceptual city environment is part of a short film project I am making as a one man animation production in 3D. It is meant to be a subterranean city. I started the sketches in traditional form, with pencil and paper.

I then scanned those sketches (multiple ones) and started working on Photoshop. I later transfered the file to the iPad and used Procreate. The iPad, and for that matter the Surface and Android tablets have made mobility impressive. Very affordable for professional artists. But most still have to be used with proprietary software. Open source is still not very well supported, and the iPad is not even possible to run Krita!

But the fact that I can connect the iPad now to the Mac and use it as a Cintiq, which I have in the studio, is an amazing technology. It means that now I have a mobile studio and a static studio where the workflow is not interrupted.

Conceptual City Environment – Sketches

My process starts with unrecognizable sketches. That is, unrecognizable by other’s standards. I am looking for composition at this stage and use colors to balance my work.

Some times this stage takes minutes other times it takes days. But it is a fun and necessary phase on my work.

Conceptual City Environment – Sketch Evolution

After working on regular paper and pencil media my sketches end as scanned files on the computer. Here you can see the start of the tracing of the scanned art and some shading of areas.

Once I had it digital, I used Sketchbook Pro to organize the lines and make some precision marks.

Conceptual City Environment – Working the Concept

On this phase of the work I work contrast, textures, and clarify outlines that will most likely be gone on the last step, but that help to finalize the overall look. Once I am satisfied with what I see then I get busy with color palettes but this one was to be muddy, and obscure.

Conceptual City Environment – Final Concept and Details

First I set all dark and light, then refined lines and blocked some with colors and shapes. Fixed highlights and set blues on shadows. Then added the extra colors without overwhelming the muddy tone.

As a concept design, it is a done deal. This passes now to be built in 3D for the film that I am working on with Blender.


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