College Era Figure Drawing

by | Feb 24, 2021 | 2 comments

When I teach Art Classes I like to show some of my work from my “student years” while letting students know that I am always a student. Here you see some of the selected works I used in my early days in the industry to gain clients. Not my best according to my own judgement, but the ones that got the most attention and opened doors for me.

There are other sketches that I used that as I find them on my archives, I will add them here. Any way, is a good reminder to my past, present and future students that “I don’t know how to draw” is not a valid excuse to not do art! I don’t draw like this any more. I have evolved, and so should and will do any student that continues to practice and develop their skills.

College Era Figure Drawing Group Classes

Charcoal pencil is still my favorite medium. It is very versitile. Combines great with many paper textures and is very malleble. Many effects are easily achived with fingers and tools alike. And it is very portable and easy to clean –the mess afterwards.


  1. Amanda Wilcox

    It’s a good write up. But you should cut it down to one paragraph. The point being that showing your personal progression encourages students to engage in the making of a visual story but also as a learning process.

    • Arte Man

      Great points, I also went ahead and made this one available on mobile devices for that purpose. Thank you for the observation.


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