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Centurion Robot Animation

by | Nov 11, 2020 | 2 comments

To learn all parts of Maya I made this simple animation of a fictitious Centurion Robot. A sentinel type of guard keeping watch of El Ballajá barracks. This is a building in Puerto Rico built by the Spanish Military back when PR was a Spanish colony.

Maya is a very powerful and useful tool. I love it when I find clients that need me to use it because I can add the cost of the membership to the project. But if time passes and clients do not need Maya then I use Blender instead.

Centurion Robot Animation – Early test

After modeling, texturing, rigging and setting the animation I rendered this test. I wanted the robot to look aggressive and ready to defend the barracks.

The current rigging system of Maya is more robust than when I created this animation. I think I will revisit this project for fun next time I have an active membership to Maya.

Centurion Robot Animation – First test

Later it occurred to me that maybe a playful centurion would be more interesting. That is why on this version I used a beach ball. The centurion is confused as to “where did this ball come from?”

The choppy walk is due to the rust accumulated over time due to the salt in the air coming from the sea just blocks away. And that ball was probably carried by the wind! Who knows?


  1. Amanda Wilcox

    Ok. Now I’m going to have to look at this on my laptop. It looks intriguing.

    • Arte Man

      Thank you, I am looking among my archive files for more images to update it showing the process. Come back soon.


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