Teaching Art to Young Children

by | Apr 9, 2021

Over the years I had the privilege of teaching art to young children at public schools. First as a non-teacher in the form of voluntary work. Then I was hired as a bilingual mentor and finally was given the opportunity of teaching for a while full time at elementary schools. It was fun and it greatly improved my creativity as I was so exposed to the unfiltered thinking of children.

Their innate inquisitiveness made me question many of my techniques and processes and I had the pleasure of reinventing my art practice. Here is am posting a couple of animations I made to play in a loop over the screen of the classroom, so students that had visual learning skills could follow it, while I assisted personally some of those students that needed more one-on-one time.

The tools were Adobe Flash and Illustrator.

Teaching Art – how to use the ruler for frames

Teaching Art – value gradation study


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