2D Low Bandwidth Animations for CD-Rom

by | Apr 9, 2021

This is shown here for fun. It was a good time early in my career in animation. At the begining, I was hired to animate home improvement “how-to” videos. The tools? Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Macromedia (yes, that defunct manufactuter) Director.

These were meant to work with low bandwidth in CD-Rom titles about Home Improvement, Fly Fishing and Mountain Climbing. Only the Mountain Climbing title and a previous Mountain Bike Trails title (I was not involved on that one) were ever published before the company – Media Mosaic, Inc. close shop. It was a great working environemt.

I have to admit, it was a lot of crazy stuff but we were young and had a lot of fun making these animations. Particularly the fact that we had to “act” many of the scenes to know how to animate them.

This is, as mentioned above, just for fun, to show where I started as an animator. Currently this type of work is way more easily done and the tools way more automatic. Enjoy!

Fixing the attic – Home Improvement CD-Rom

On this one, the stickman (the studio mascot) breaks the floor because he did not follow procedure. Poor stickman! He put too much pressure on the drywall used as ceiling!

Wiring Wall Lamp – Home Improvement CD-Rom

This is one of my prides. The studio administrators and directors did not know how to get the illustion of 3D out of 2D tools. My training at Pratt Institute came in handy here, as I used regular 2D drawing techniques to make Adobe Illustrator “frames” of the process. Go young me!

Get that fish! – Fly Fishing CD-Rom

On this one, stick-man was looking for that perfect spot, foud it and nailed the poor fishy!

I got you, Ooops! – Rock Climbing CD-Rom

I remember the lead animator on this title, younger than me and very well trained in 2D animation. But the best part, a great sense of humor. We got together and took over the studio making fun animations like this one.


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