Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.
Arte de Gerardo Logo, with the 4 main art forms practiced. Animation, Illustration, Grpahic and Audio arts.

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Reconstruction of 100 year old house in Blender

by | Jun 24, 2022 | 1 comment

When we moved to Indiana, we bought a 1928 house that need a lot of repairs. Upgrades, reconstruction, additions, and changes. Due to its age, there are no blueprints on the government records, and while the first floor is 1928, the second one is 1950’s, and no one knows for sure when.

Because I am a “jack of all trades” and have so many artistic skills, I can combine them all and make my own repairs. For certain things, we still need professionals, like for the electricity braker box upgrade we got from 100 amps to 200! No more “flickering” in the house due to my multiple electronic devices, baby!

Here is the progress of the job using Blender and all sorts of “x-ray” tools to find the studs and wires to be able to build the house to measurements.

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Blocking phase of the 100 Year Old House

I started the process by bloking the room spaces and setting them visually in the space. If I had had blueprints for the 100-year-old house, I would have skipped this step.

Framing visualization of attic over livingroom and roof of sunroom of the 100 year old house.

This is where the fun starts. We started repairs on the sunroom because the roof rafters and spanners were damaged. And by removing the ceiling, we found access to the attice. No, nothing of value was found in there, but access to the attic is now possible thanks to that removal.

More photos and updates of the 100 year old house comming up in future days.

Come back to see, or better yet, susbrice to the blog for announcemnts.

1 Comment

  1. Minerva

    It is so intriguing (about all the possibilities once anyone domains those techniques/skills of yours)! Looks amazing!


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